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Financial Planning & Insurance Brochures

Whenever you're meeting with clients or prospects about a specific topic, you should end the discussion with a piece that highlights the important details that you've worked to convey. Whether it's retirement or estate planning, investments or annuities, business succession or financial planning, Liberty's brochures will leave your clients and prospects with additional information that relates back to your talking points.

Financial Strategies for Women CONTROL YOUR FINANCIAL DESTINY 

Financial Strategies for Women

Brochure Description:

Preparing for a sound financial future can be difficult for many women who may, when compared with men, earn less, spend fewer years working, and live longer. The average woman's life span exceeds the average man's by several years. Yet, while women live longer, they have not caught up to men in the earnings department. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, women tend to earn 20% less than men in the same job and industry classification. Longer lives, lower earnings, and changing lifestyles mean that women have challenging financial hurdles to overcome in order to achieve and maintain independence through life. This brochure will help you guide them through proper planning and preparation.

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Records Retention Guidelines DOCUMENTS STORAGE CHART 

Records Retention Guidelines

Brochure Description:

"How long do I need to keep this?" is a frequent question among clients and prospects when they are trying to sort through numerous financial, personal and legal documentation.

This quick reference brochure is an informative tool to present to clients. It explains how long and where both legal and vital non-legal documents should be safely stored for quick and easy retrieval. It is also personally imprinted with your logo, photo, name and contact information, encouraging clients to contact you for more information.
It is a great piece for both mailings and seminars.
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Min:  50