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Marketing and communication tools for financial professionals

Here's What Your Peers are Saying

“My financial planning practice just got a large boost from using Liberty's brochures. We like the fact that each one can be personalized on the back cover.”

Paul S. CFP, Sacramento, CA

“I'm absolutely impressed by these new Liberty marketing tools. Our firm has used some home grown pieces but they lack the quality and professional look that Liberty Publishing has developed.”

Patty H. CFP, Chicago, IL

“The test of a good marketing campaign is if your clients and prospects really know what you do and how you can benefit them and their families. Using the right tools defines who you are. Liberty has hit a home run on the Financial Planning Guides.”

Thomas R. CFP, Danvers, MA

“I've had great marketing intentions over the years but I'm just too busy! I now realize that Liberty Publishing solved my problem for me and the prices are great.”

Susan L. CFP, Boston, MA

“Our practice consists of total financial planning. However, each of our clients seems to need specific information. The targeted Liberty subject brochures are an exact fit.”

Carol K. CFP, Washington, DC

“We tried six brochures and now the partners agree; we will order many of the rest. Liberty has provided a wonderful member benefit.”

Clark J. CFP, Dallas, TX

“We've been talking about creating our own financial planning newsletter. But, we don't have the time or expertise to write it and get it printed. The newsletter service is perfect.”

Charles G. CFP, Los Angeles, CA

“My Broker Dealer told me about Liberty marketing tools and now I see why. Developing excellent printed office pieces takes a lot of time and staff. Thanks for doing all of the work!”

Chris H. CFP, Jensen Beach, FL