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Digital PDF Tax Planning Guides

Adding a PDF of the 2021 Tax Planning Guide to your website or attaching it to an email, maximizes your firm's digital marketing plan. The Tax Planning Guide cover is personalized with your firm's contact information. In addition, we can create "page turning" technology for a more dynamic affect. The PDF is discounted with the minimum purchase of 100 printed guides.

Tax Guide Online Monthly Updates Website

Every year tax laws and regulations go through changes and iterations. New tax legislation is also proposed throughout the year. We keep you and your clients updated on a monthly basis so that your printed Tax Planning Guides never go out of date.

Here's how we accomplish the task. With every order of printed Tax Planning Guides (minimum of 100 printed guides), we provide you with our Tax Guide Online Website. This has the entire tax guide posted, which is updated throughout the year, as well as new tax articles, and projections. Click here to see a sample of how it works.

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