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What is the difference between the large and small Tax Planning Guides?

The large Tax Planning Guide provides more extensive tax planning information with more charts, tax tips, definitions and analysis than the small Tax Planning Guide. Both are digitally printed using high quality 80lb matte coated cover stock and 80lb matte coated text. Our artwork is designed by graphic artists who posses years of experience.

During the year, how does Liberty keep the Tax Planning Guides up-to-date?

We provide your firm with a website link and a custom firm splash page. Twice per month we add new copy that provides clients with the latest tax legislation that is signed into law and/or potential legislation that is being considered by Congress and the President.

What is digital “Page Turning” for Liberty’s guides?

Liberty’s guides now come with animated page turning technology that need only be accessed by using the readers mouse rather than a static page.

Can our firm provide you with custom cover artwork designed by our graphic artist?

Yes, if you want to use your own custom cover artwork the printer charges a fee of $99 plus .25 per copy to marry your cover to the contents of the Tax Planning and/or Financial Planning Guides.

Can we personalize the inside front and back cover of the Tax Planning and Financial Planning Guides?

Yes, and ideally you may provide a custom firm letter on the inside front cover as well as firm member bios and photos, important tax dates and community service organizations supported by your firm on the inside back cover. The setup copy and artwork fee are $75 and the print fee is only .30 per copy. Utilizing the inside covers is a great way to further market your firm.

Can Liberty split ship different guide quantities to separate firm offices?

Yes, we can. There is a $9.95 per address order tracking fee charged by our printer to divide the shipment and manage the different data entry points of receipt. Please send us an email listing all office addresses, quantities for each office and contact information at each office.

Can we purchase a PDF of any Liberty guides without ordering printed guides?

Yes, you can purchase a PDF without buying our printed guides. We do, however, offer a substantial discount to those firms that order our printed guides.

Why should we use Liberty’s Custom Color Matching Envelopes?

We use high quality #10 and 9x12” business envelopes. Our envelopes match the guide cover artwork and indicate to clients what is enclosed. The two together provide an excellent opportunity to stand out from every other firm.

What is the difference between the Tax Planning Guide and the Financial Planning Guide?

There is some overlap between the two guides. However, the main emphasis of the Financial Planning Guide is directed towards wealth accumulation and wealth preservation while the Tax Planning Guide emphasizes solutions that try to legally minimize and/or postpone the amount of tax payment due.

What is the difference between the Comprehensive Tax Pocket Tables and the Standard Tax Pocket Tables?

The Comprehensive Tax Pocket Tables is 16 pages, saddle stitched, and can be firm-personalized on the inside front and back covers. In addition, the Comprehensive Tax Pocket Tables provides more in-depth and explanatory information i.e., definitions of, for examples, the AMT, Capital Gains and Capital Losses, IRA Required Minimum Distributions (RMD’s) and worksheets. The Standard Tax Pocket Tables provides tax tables and is a 6 panel tri fold reference piece. Only the front cover can be firm-personalized.