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Comprehensive Tax Pocket Guide

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The Comprehensive Tax Pocket Guide is a saddle stitched booklet with 16 pages of tax content. The guide is more descriptive than the Standard Tax Pocket Guide and includes information about the AMT, Capital Gains, Required Minimum Distributions from tax qualified plans and more.

  • Standard deduction amounts
  • Capital gains rates
  • Personal exemptions by filing status
  • Indexed contribution and benefit limits for qualified retirement plans
  • IRA and HSA contribution limits
  • Social Security earnings limits
  • Special section for business owners illustrating depreciation, the Section 179 expense, deductions and corporate income tax rates.
  • Cover A: Old Red Barn

    This cover illustrates the strong connection between the rural heartland and its patriotic belief in the American Flag as a symbol of democracy and freedom.

  • Cover B: Patriot Trail

    This cover depicts the respect that Americans feel for the American flag and its symbolism around the globe. Freedom has always come at a price.

  • Cover C: Capitolin Blue

    The Capitol and Congress is the origin of where legislative leaders consider tax laws that will ultimately affect all American citizens.

  • Cover D: The Bottom Line

    The Calculator, while a simple device, conveys the knowledge that every employed wage-earning citizen is responsible to pay taxes or, at the very least, file their tax return.

  • Cover E: Blue Compass Rose

    For hundreds of years the compass has provided navigation and guidance. This cover, in a subliminal way, conveys a message of being on track.

  • Cover F: Country Road

    Frequently, individuals and businesses evaluate whether they are traveling in the right direction and to the proper destination. Here’s a cover which makes it more apparent that tax planning is a journey.