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Liberty Publishing

Financial Planning Guide

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  • Cover A: Flag at Sunset

    This cover depicts the strong connection between the freedom provided in our Capitalistic System and an individuals’ ability to become a financial success.

  • Cover B: Long Road Home

    This scene is typical of America’s wide-open spaces intersected by a highway and road system that covers almost every mile of the landscape. Financial Planning is a process that weaves its way into the future. The road to financial success can frequently be a long one.

  • Cover C: Capitol Building and Flag

    The seat of government is the quintessential starting point of all legislation that delivers potential opportunities for some and limitations for others. In either case making adjustments to a financial plan is essential to long term success.

  • Cover D: The Futuristic Calculator

    This image reflects the need to always be prepared to make adjustments to a financial plan. Nothing in a plan is static. Financial circumstances change and thus individuals and businesses must recalculate their direction.

  • Cover E: Sailboat off Coast

    The sailboat, just like a financial plan, requires navigation in order to arrive intact at a specific destination. And, while the waters are frequently calm, it is the responsibility of the captain to “trim the sails” judiciously when required.

  • Cover F: Mountain Strong

    This cover quietly defines the broad and lasting strength of the mountain range. It subtly meanders down to the lake and provides a holdover point for those forging ahead into the unknown. The perfect cover to support the idea of financial planning.