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Standard Tax Pocket Tables

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Help prepare your clients for the upcoming tax year. This brochure covers side-by-side rate comparisons for current and previous years, updated for the SECURE Act 2.0 including:

  • Standard deduction amounts
  • Capital gains rates
  • Personal exemptions by filing status
  • Indexed contribution and benefit limits for qualified retirement plans
  • IRA and HSA contribution limits
  • Social Security earnings limits
  • Special section for business owners illustrating depreciation, the Section 179 expense, deductions and corporate income tax rates.
  • Cover A: Old Glory

    This cover illustrates the strong connection between the rural heartland and its patriotic belief in the American Flag as a symbol of democracy and freedom.

  • Cover B: Field of Dreams

    This cover depicts the respect that Americans feel for the American flag and its symbolism around the globe. Freedom has always come at a price.

  • Cover C: US Congress

    The Capitol and Congress is the origin of where legislative leaders consider tax laws that will ultimately affect all American citizens.

  • Cover D: Gold Compass

    The Calculator, while a simple device, conveys the knowledge that every employed wage-earning citizen is responsible to pay taxes or, at the very least, file their tax return.

  • Cover E: Coastal Lighthouse

    For hundreds of years the compass has provided navigation and guidance. This cover, in a subliminal way, conveys a message of being on track.

  • Cover F: Mountain Lake

    Frequently, individuals and businesses evaluate whether they are traveling in the right direction and to the proper destination. Here’s a cover which makes it more apparent that tax planning is a journey.